Author: Jason Blackwell

Publication Date: Oct 17 2011

Report Type: Video

 TV and Broadband

Webinar Replay Pay TV Churn Dynamics Cord Cutters vs. Economic Churners

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Report Summary:

Cord Cutting is an issue that Pay TV providers just can’t seem to spirit away. For the twelfth consecutive quarter, US Cable TV providers posted net subscriber losses in Q2’11. This time, however, Satellite operators were not spared. Collectively, US Pay TV providers lost 400,000 subscribers in the second quarter—their single worst period in years. Cable TV took the brunt of the hit, though Satellite operators were not left unscathed. Though much of the subscriber loss can be attributed to traditional economic churners—“deal seekers” looking for a cheaper price—the percentage of those who say they’re giving up on Pay TV altogether is not abating.

New survey research just conducted by Strategy Analytics further confirms that industry pundits and Pay TV providers have largely misunderstood these so-called “Cord Cutters.” Often miscast as low value/low revenue “fringe” customers in search of free content, Cord Cutters are actually quite the opposite, according to our research.

Drawing upon a just-completed survey of 2,000 US Households, this webinar will examine the US Pay TV Landscape, and provide insight into the motivations and drivers of “traditional” economic Pay TV churners and Cord Cutters.

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