Author: David Watkins

Publication Date: Dec 09 2014

Pages: 12

Report Type: ConsumerMetrix Bulletin

 Consumer Surveys

Ultra HD TV in the US Awareness and Familiarity Grow

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Report Summary:

This report updates our research of consumer awareness and experience of Ultra HD and 4K TV in the US. Awareness of various related consumer-focused terms has increased over recent months and 57% of respondents now claim to be aware of the term “Ultra HD”. This rises to two thirds of key demographics such as younger age groups. Nearly a quarter of all respondents now claim to have watched TV or video content on an Ultra HD TV and the vast majority have been impressed by the experience. This report presents key data findings from our survey of 2001 US respondents.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Survey Findings
  • Awareness of Ultra HD terms in the US: Q1-Q4 2014
  • Awareness of term “Ultra HD” by age group in the US: Q1-Q4 2014
  • Awareness of term “Ultra HD” by income group in the US: Q1-Q4 2014
  • Experience of Having Watched TV/Video on UHD TVs by Age and Income Group
  • Perception of video quality on UHD TVs
  • What Is ConsumerMetrix?
  • ConsumerMetrix: Survey Methodology
  • Key Contacts

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