Author: David Watkins

Publication Date: Feb 07 2013

Pages: 13

Report Type: ConsumerMetrix Bulletin

 Consumer Surveys

iPhone Docking Stations Ownership and Usage

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Report Summary:

iPhone/iPod docking stations have become a staple component of many digital households, demonstrating the appeal of Apple’s portable devices as music playback hubs. But usage and ownership varies widely across the US and Europe. Docking stations are used frequently by 18% of US and UK respondents, but by only a third of this number in Continental Europe. Usage of docking stations by iPhone users tracks some way behind people who use a dedicated iPod. This Bulletin presents the results of a survey of more than 6000 respondents in the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Survey Findings
  • iPhone Docking Stations – Household Ownership by Country
  • iPhone Docking Stations – Personal Usage by Country
  • iPhone Docking Stations – Ownership by Country – Apple Users
  • iPhone Docking Stations – Usage by Country – Apple Users
  • Docking Station Usage by iPhone/iPod users
  • Docking Station Users – Demographic Profile
  • What Is ConsumerMetrix?
  • ConsumerMetrix: Survey Methodology
  • Key Contacts

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