Author: David Mercer

Publication Date: Aug 01 2012

Pages: 12

Report Type: ConsumerMetrix Bulletin

 Consumer Surveys

HP Customer Profile Apple To Overtake HP As Brand Leader

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Report Summary:

HP is the most widespread PC brand in current ownership but may slip to second place behind Apple according to our survey of more than 6000 households across the US and Europe. HP’s user base is middle income and matches closely to the population age profile. This Bulletin presents selected survey findings related to users and potential buyers of HP PCs.

Table of Contents

    Key Survey Findings
    PC Market Shares: Current Brands Owned
    HP’s share of PC installed base by country
    HP PC Users by Age Group
    HP PC Users by Income Group
    PC Market Shares: Brand To Be Next Purchased
    What Is ConsumerMetrix?
    ConsumerMetrix: Survey Methodology
    Key Contacts

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