Author: David Mercer

Publication Date: Oct 21 2013

Pages: 14

Report Type: ConsumerMetrix Bulletin

 Consumer Surveys

Focus on UK 25 of People Now Connected TV Users

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Report Summary:

This bulletin focuses on age demographics from our UK user survey. A third of UK respondents now claim to be frequent tablet users, and this proportion rises to nearly 50% in the most active age groups. A similar pattern is found in connected TV, where usage is growing but is still weighted heavily towards younger age groups. Overall the proportion of homes using Apple devices has remained flat. This Bulletin presents selected survey findings related to emerging technologies and usage in the UK from Q1 2012 to Q2 2013.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Survey Findings
  • Apple Households in the UK
  • Apple Users in the UK by Age Group
  • Tablet Owning Households in the UK
  • Tablet Users in the UK by Age Group
  • Facebook Users in the UK by Age Group
  • Connected TV Users in the UK by Age Group
  • What Is ConsumerMetrix?
  • ConsumerMetrix: Survey Methodology
  • Key Contacts

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