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Android v. Apple: Household Ownership and Personal Usage

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Report Summary:

As ownership of tablets, smartphones and other smart devices expands, the Android-Apple battle is being played out in households across Europe and the US. Our survey analysis shows that, while Android leads Apple in most demographics, a growing proportion of households own a mix of both platforms. Nearly one in six respondents claim to use both Android and Apple devices at least weekly. This ConsumerMetrix Bulletin presents household and user analysis of Android and Apple smart devices based on a survey of 6000 respondents in the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Table of Contents

• Introduction
• Key Survey Findings
• Households owning Android and Apple devices
• Share of population using Android and Apple devices at least weekly
• Personal usage of Android and Apple devices
• Household ownership of Android and Apple devices
• Android/Apple users: Demographic profiles
• What Is ConsumerMetrix?
• ConsumerMetrix: Survey Methodology
• Key Contacts

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