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Author: Gina Luk

Publication Date: Aug 08 2013

Pages: 63

Report Type: Report, Word

 Mobile Workforce

Understanding How BYOD is Changing Role of Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

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Report Summary:

The trends in BYOD and consumerization of mobile IT in the workplace are creating difficulties for enterprise IT departments, which now face the task of maintaining the security of corporate data on a range of mobile operating systems (OSs) and devices. Most IT do not have the ability or resources to meet this challenge in-house, and a range of vendors are exploiting the gap in the market by offering mobile device management (MDM) software and services increasingly as part of enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. This report looks at how the rise of BYOD plays in the future of MDM and demonstrates how vendors with different technology backgrounds are approaching the MDM market as all kinds of vendors are targeting this market, each bringing a different set of capabilities.

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