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LTE and Cellular Routers Will Stimulate Rebound 5 Year Mobile Broadband Device Forecast and Analysis

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Report Summary:

Despite an 8% year on year decline in 2012, annual sales of mobile cellular broadband modems and embedded cellular PCs will rebound and grow to 249.9million units by 2018. Global PC/modem devices will grow from over 261.65 million units in 2013 to over 547.83 million by 2018, with LTE adding 187 million external and embedded devices between from 2012-18. This report evaluates top trends and market drivers and inhibitors in the mobile cellular broadband modems and embedded cellular PC market and is an analytical companion to the forecast spreadsheets covering regional five year regional forecasts for external and embedded cellular modems, including cellular routers/hotspots, segment, channel and form factor trends as well as a report covering historical units and revenue for key mobile broadband Original Equipment Makers (OEMs).

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