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Enterprise Mobility 2017 - Adoption and Trends In Manufacturing

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Report Summary:

A growing worldwide mobile worker population creates opportunities for providing mobile solutions across geographic regions, vertical markets, and mobile worker types. Strategy Analytics’ 2017 Enterprise Survey examined 171 business respondents in Manufacturing. This document outlines the key findings related to investments in mobile devices, mobile applications, mobile security, and mobile cloud.

This survey provides details concerning trends and developments in the mobile workforce, anticipates demand for certain mobile devices, and prompts us to ask ourselves the questions:

- What does the workforce want and need?
- Is mobility revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry?
- What is the opportunity for enterprise mobility in Manufacturing Industry?
- What are the adoption of BYOD and Corporate-liable devices?
- What are the key mobile security management strategies that being implemented?

The answers to some of these questions are evolving, but we believe real clarity is emerging around demand factors. In the document that follows, we address the demand for enterprise mobility based on results assimilated across multiple markets.

Table of Contents

Methodology & Firmographic 6-8
Survey highlights 9-12
Budget Section 13-15
Cloud Section 16-18
Mobility 19-20
Business Smartphones Section 21-28
Business Tablets Section 29-35
Mobility Management Section 36-42
Mobile Business Applications Development Section 43-47
Conclusions 48-50

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