Mobile Workforce

Assessing the Opportunity for the Mobile Enterprise App Store (EAS)

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Report Summary:

The “consumerisation” of enterprise mobility coupled with exponential smartphone growth is having a dramatic effect on the traditional role of the IT department. Growing demand from senior management to support personal smartphones and tablets as well as the same requests from general employees is changing the role of IT from “gatekeeper” to “secure enabler”. Concurrently, a boom in applications has been triggered through the catalyst of public apps stores. A number of companies are now clamoring to take the concept of application marketplaces to the enterprise, enabling IT departments to manage and distribute applications as well as handle the greater complexity of integration into an enterprise environment. These B2B app stores are designed to leverage the usability and familiarity of public app stores to resolve the greatest challenge companies face with mobile applications, namely how to get users to use and interact with them frequently to improve business processes that translate into greater revenues and profit.

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