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The Top 10 Trends in the IoT in 2019

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics puts together a list of likely predictions that will shape the coming year for the Internet of Things (IoT). This report provides Strategy Analytics’ top ten enterprise IoT predictions for 2019. It is designed to provide decision makers with an understanding of the external drivers which will change and influence the IoT environment over the next 12 months and beyond. It offers targeted guidance that enables IT decision makers to make sound investments that will enhance business productivity and processes.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 4
2. IoT Trending from Operational to Strategic, but LOB Budgets Remain Vital to IoT Success! 5
2.1 Takeaways 6
3. Spending on IoT: Steady but not Dramatic; trending upwards in 2019 7
3.1 Takeaways 9
4. “Think Big, Start Small, Grow Fast”: IoT Deployments starting to Hit Scale 10
4.1 Takeaways 11
5. AI in “Wait and See” Phase for IoT…but 2019 looks promising 12
5.1 Takeaways 13
6. Edge Computing Infrastructure on the up for IoT 15
6.1 Takeaways 17
7. Challenges to Deploying IoT: Security Remains Top, but Strategic Challenges Emerge in 2019 18
7.1 Takeaways 19
8. Geolocation in IoT to Surge in 2019! 20
8.1 Takeaways 21
9. IoT GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) in 2019 23
9.1 Takeaways 23
10. The IoT Vendor Landscape is shifting in 2019 24
10.1 Vendor Selection Criteria 25
10.2 Takeaways 26
11. Democratization of IoT advancing in 2019! 27
11.1 Takeaways 28
12. Conclusions 29
13. How Can We Help You? 32

Figure 1: What are the primary business needs driving your current IOT Solution? 5
Figure 2: What percent of your IoT spending in 2018 was for each of the following categories? 7
Figure 3: Please indicate the approximate range of spending (in USD) by your company on IoT projects this year to date? 8
Figure 4: What size is your current IoT deployment? 10
Figure 5: How does your company view AI? 13
Figure 6: Does your company make use of edge computing? 15
Figure 7: Dell Edge Gateway 3001 16
Figure 8: What are the main hurdles you face in building out your company's portfolio of IoT applications? 18
Figure 9: What are your geolocation implementation plans? 20
Figure 10: Which of these vendors would you consider for IoT projects? 24
Figure 11: What are the most important criteria in selecting your IoT solutions vendor? 25
Figure 12: Where is your IoT data stored/located? 27

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