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Author: Andrew Brown

Publication Date: Dec 17 2013

Pages: 8

Report Type: Data Table, Excel


M2M Revenues by Industry Vertical

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Report Summary:

This report contains a forecast of M2M revenue by vertical industry. In all there are 15 different industries in SA’s M2M forecast model: Advanced Healthcare, Basic Healthcare, Home Security Smart Metering / Utilities, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Office Security, Office Metering / Utilities, Maintenance, Building Automation, Retail Outlets, Remote / Green Technology, Vehicles, Transportation and Other. This report covers network revenues are derived from mobile network connectivity or transport, service revenues derived from providing the service or application and include all revenues besides connectivity and hardware and hardware revenues that are derived from sales of embedded M2M hardware.

Table of Contents

  • Cover
  • Definitions
  • Methodology
  • KPI
  • Revenues by Vertical

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