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Ericsson and Gemalto Simplify M2M Adoption with eUICC Subscription Management

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Report Summary:

The machine-to-machine (M2M) market is characterized by devices that are used in business critical applications that are often spread over different parts of the world and over long life cycles. One of the key reasons for deploying M2M in many industry sectors is the reduced need for human intervention provided by the automation of M2M communications. The lifecycles of embedded SIMs in smart meters, vehicles, fleets and the remote monitoring and asset management of equipment all have lifecycles measured in multiple years and require minimum intervention, with any changes provided OTA (Over-the-air) rather than to the module itself.

However, given the long lifecycles in many M2M segments, there are several challenges that operators and customers encounter, such as the fact that many M2M SIMs are soldered or embedded in devices (often a requirement in hermetically sealed medical devices), it not often known in which countries those modules will be deployed and due to the long lifecycles, there may need to a change of provider during the lifetime of a device, and often subscription management is an issue as it cannot be altered. This report will assess the partnership between Ericsson and Gemalto which is significant as it represents a major breakthrough in dynamic subscription management of a eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card), which can streamline the adoption of M2M solutions.

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