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Author: Andrew Brown
Publication Date: Sep 30 2014
Pages: 7
Report Type: Data Table, Excel

LPLA Connections by Region Vertical Industry and Connection Type

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Report Summary:

This report contains a forecast of Low-Power, Local-Area Network (LPLA) Connections by Vertical Industry and Region. In all there are 15 different industries and six regions in SA’s LPLA forecast models: Advanced Healthcare, Basic Healthcare, Home Security Smart Metering / Utilities, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Office Security, Office Metering / Utilities, Maintenance, Building Automation, Retail Outlets, Remote / Green Technology, Vehicles, Transportation and Other. Regions are Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, Central and Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa
  • Included are connections for:
    • Local Area and Personal Area Networking with low power characteristics. The main difference between LPLA and LPWA is that LPLA has no continuous wide-area networking, but LPLA networks may use gateways (Cellular, Wi-Fi) to achieve wider area networking. Hybrid solutions (ZigBee mesh with cellular backhaul) are counted as LPLA in this forecast with backhauled mesh networking (e.g., ZigBee mesh with Cellular M2M backhaul)
  • Not included are:
    • Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks (LPWA) Technologies including pure WAN solutions (SIGFOX, White Spaces). Most LPWA solutions are low bandwidth or ultra-low bandwidth solutions, which helps to conserve power. These are in a separate forecast
    • Low-Power, local-area devices that do not connect to the internet directly or via a gateway (e.g., RFID entry cards, bank cards) are not included, even though they may generate data that other services use online.
    • A smart card reader like Square that enables payment by direct connection through a smartphone is not generally included because such devices connect directly through the data port on the smartphone. A smart card reader using Bluetooth is included.
    • Fixed line connections are not included

Table of Contents

  • Cover
  • Definitions
  • Methodology
  • KPI
  • Connections by Region
  • Connections by Application

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