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Author: Andrew Brown
Co Author: Andrew Brown
Publication Date: Aug 01 2018
Pages: 6
Report Type: Report, Word


The Role of the IoT in the Global Industrial and Manufacturing Market: An Executive Summary

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Report Summary:

The Industrial and manufacturing market represents a significant opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT).As an industry which is continually looking to improve efficiency, reduce waste and remove error, the opportunities around merging IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) are immense. In this report we examine the future landscape for IoT in Industrial and manufacturing markets including the benefits and opportunities, as well as challenges and inhibitors to adoption. Clients of the IoT Strategies service can access the full report here.
Table of Contents

1.       Executive Summary
2.       Definitions
2.1     Internet of Things (IoT)
2.2     Industrial
3.       The Evolution of Manufacturing
3.1     Industry 4.0, IIC and IIoT
3.2     2017 Enterprise IoT Deployment Survey
3.3     2018 Enterprise IoT Deployment Survey
4.       Challenges & Opportunities
4.1     Industrial IoT Opportunities & Benefits
4.1.1       Automation of Monitoring Processes
4.1.2       Reducing Downtime through Predictive Maintenance
4.1.3       Digital Twin Modelling
4.1.4       Higher Yields
4.1.5       Increased Throughput
4.1.6       Supply Chain Optimization
4.2     Industrial IoT Challenges & Inhibitors
4.2.1       Legacy System Integration
4.2.2       Connectivity Issues
4.2.3       Financial Investment
4.2.4       Skill Set Availability
4.2.5       Fragmentation
4.2.6       Privacy & Security
5.       Use Cases
5.1     Jabil
5.2     Sandvik Coromant
5.3     North Star Bluescope Steel
5.4     Ericsson and China Mobile
6.       Industrial IoT Revenue Forecast
7.       Conclusions
8.       How Can We Help You?

Figure 1: Challenges & Opportunities
Figure 2: Data Size Examples
Figure 3: Siemens Industry 4.0 Plant in Germany
Figure 4: Top 5 IoT Applications Used in Industrial/Manufacturing
Figure 5: Challenges & Opportunities
Figure 6: GE Digital Twin Illustration
Figure 7: Jabil Smart Factory Production Line
Figure 8: Sandvik Coromant Machine and Tool Monitoring
Figure 9: Connected Factory Tools
Figure 10: Global Industrial IoT Revenue Forecast

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