Smartwatches: Battling Demand Segmentation

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Report Summary:

Due to vastly varying use cases and feature set combinations, the smartwatch industry today continues to be characterized as a highly segmented market with highly segmented product offerings.  Key product segments today include Sports-Driven, Technophiles, Life Jugglers, Fashionistas, and Apple-holics.  Eventually smart wrist wear will reach an ‘iPhone moment’ where the feature-set will be such that 80%+ of the total addressable market (TAM) aspiring to own.  This insight report discusses these trends and details important characteristics of each segment.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Smartwatch Industry Future State
3. Current Segmentation
4. Sports Driven
5. Technofiles
6. Life Jugglers
7. Fashionistas
8. Apple-holics
9. Conclusions & Recommendations 
10. Contacts
11. How We Can Help Further

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