Smartphone-Based VR will be the 'Gateway Drug' to Oculus, Vive & Playstation VR

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Report Summary:

Wholesale revenues for Virtual Reality headset globally will grow over 5000% in the next 7 years, fueled by the launch of costly VR headsets from Oculus, HTC and Sony. However, it is low cost phone-based VR headsets that will dominate 87% of this year’s unit volume and serve to whet user appetites for a range of future VR use cases. Indeed, given how early it is in the VR market, consumers already enjoy an astounding variety of options to suit many price points. This Insight looks at the promise and pitfalls of phone-based Cardboard and Gear VR systems, and why they are seen as a critical entrée to VR for early adopters.
Table of Contents


    High-End Virtual Reality: PC & Game-Console Based VR
    Low-End Virtual Reality: Smartphone-Based VR
    A VR Ecosystem Stampede is Underway to Hook VR Customers for High-Potential Apps

    Exhibit 1: Virtual Reality Headset Market, Volume vs, Value Share in 2016, by Headset Type
    Exhibit 2: Smartphone-Based Virtual Reality is a Gateway to High-End Fixed Virtual Reality
    Exhibit 2: Ticketing Site Starbub’s Seat Preview Hits the Sweet Spot for Phone-Based VR Apps


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