Do Samsung & Google's Visions for Smart Contact Lenses Offer Future Clarity or Blurred Vision?

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Report Summary:

Google and Samsung have patented their own solutions for the next evolution in smart wearable tech—“Smart” Connected Contact Lenses.  On paper they are technologically possible, but making such devices a commercial reality for consumers is still at least a decade away in our view. Still, the concept of such lenses does offer boundless usage possibilities leveraging biometrics as well as AR to extend use cases beyond smartglasses. This Insight differentiates the current patents / prototypes while level setting expectations for what is possible in terms of technological readiness and social acceptance, and when.
Table of Contents

1, Executive Summary

2. Analysis
  a. Smart Contact Lenses for Biometrics 
  b. Smart Contact Lenses for Augmented Reality
3. Conclusions

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