Bragi Steps-up Partnerships with Bragi Pro

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Report Summary:

German hearable maker Bragi announced at a launch event in NYC on Tuesday May 16th their successors to the popular Dash hearable: the Dash Pro and Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies. Key product improvements include a more stable Bluetooth connection, HD voice and microphone improvements, a custom 3-D printed option based on a mold of the user’s ear, and significantly increased battery life.  Bragi also announced several new partnerships related to the hearable devices, such as with IBM Watson for cognitive cloud computing used in enterprise applications and with iTraslate for real-time language translation, among a few others. Our Bragi vendor insight highlights their key new product announcements and partnerships and discusses key implications for the hearables space.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Product Highlights
3. Significant Partnerships
4. Bragi OS 3
5. Go-to-Market Strategy
6. Conclusions & Implications

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