VALUE SHARE: Global Core Wearables Revenue and ASP by Vendor : Q2 2018

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Report Summary:

Global core wearable revenues in Q2 2018 were up 25% YoY with core wearable ASPs trending downward due to the successful launches of the Fitbit Versa, a more affordable smartwatch, and the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, a very low cost fitness band popular is Asia. "Core" wearables, for this report, is defined as the "core" wrist-worn wearable device types of fitness bands plus smartwatches. There remains an oligopoly situation in the core wearables market, with several top brands, such as Apple, Fitbit, and Xiaomi, taking the lion’s share of core wearable revenues worldwide.  Our report tracks core global wearable revenue, shipments, and market share by hardware vendor by quarter. It can be used by device makers, component suppliers, operators, software developers, content suppliers and other stakeholders to determine the size of the main global wearables market.

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