Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: May 05 2011

Pages: 2

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Connected Computing Devices

Tablet Vendor Models and Specifications Database

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Report Summary:

This is the first edition of the new format Tablet Vendor Models and Specifications Database. It contains over 100 Tablets available around the world. The database will be updated quarterly with both new products and also with new enabling technology fields.

This database provides a comprehensive list and detailed specifications of tablets, including Vendor, Model, Operating System, CPU, Graphics, RAM, Flash Memory, Bluetooth, WiFi, WWAN, Dimensions, Weight (ounces), Screen Size, Resolution, Battery Capacity, ASP $ Model (unsubsidized), Price Band, Availability Status and other key criteria.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Tablet Database

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