Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: Mar 06 2012

Pages: 7

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Connected Computing Devices

Tablet News from Mobile World Congress 2012

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Report Summary:

As expected, one company managed to grab much of the headlines at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, without even turning up. With a couple of exceptions, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, tablets were relatively low profile this time, maybe as the rival vendors are waiting to see the details of iPad 3 before releasing their latest tablet offerings. Halfway through MWC, Apple issued sought-after invitations to a special event to be held on March 7th, where iPad 3 will be among the new announcements. On the penultimate day, Microsoft held its own event to showcase the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, however, few at MWC were even aware this was going on and some of the impact was lost due to the timing and secrecy of the event. Clearly, from our discussions at MWC, vendors are working with Microsoft, Intel and Arm in bringing a new breed of tablet to the market towards the end of the year. We suspect the combination of iPad 3 and Win8 held back new tablet launches in early 2012.

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