Author: Matt Wilkins

Publication Date: Oct 08 2013

Pages: 18

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Connected Computing Devices

Tablet CHANNEL Shipment Forecast 2010-2017

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Report Summary:

The global tablet market represents significant opportunities for all links in the distribution chain. In this report we examine how the market is split by Electronics Retailers, by Direct from Vendor, by Mass Merchandisers, by e-commerce websites, by Operators and by Other, which could include an element of B2B sales. We also estimate the offline channels versus the on-line channels and provide market splits. This report covers 6 different channels as well as online/offline by the major 6 regions of North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Central Eastern Europe and Africa Middle East. It updates and supercedes the Global Tablet Shipment Forecast by Channel: 2010-2017 Data Table, Excel - Jun 21 2013.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Contents
    3. Introduction
    4. Analysis
    5. Charts
    6. Global
    7. North America
    8. Western Europe
    9. Asia Pacific
    10. Central & Latin America
    11. Central & Eastern Europe
    12. Africa Middle East
    13. Definitions
    14. Methodology
    15. Contacts

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