Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: Jun 23 2011

Pages: 14

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

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Regional Tablet Sales by Display Size Forecast 2010-2015

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Report Summary:

The display size segmentation of the tablet market over the next 5 years is expected to be characterised by advancing technology of premium brand devices tending to maintain ASPs with media friendly larger displays, with the growth of low tier devices bringing the average tablet pricing down by targeting portability as a key feature. At 9.7 inches, iPads have certainly found the sweet spot for the early adopters and early majority consumers. The majority of the rivals in this group have introduced 10.1 inch Tablets. Many of the vendors who initially launched 7 inch models are planning to introduce 10 inch models as well. There are many reasons why a consumer would choose a Tablet purely by screen size, but the fact that many Tablets rarely leave home implies that pocketability is not a major issue when compared to say compelling surfing on a larger screen. This report segments the Tablet into 4 screen sizes and produces market share and unit volume forecasts for the period 2010- 2015.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Analysis
    2a. Global Chart
    3. Global
    4. North America
    5. Western Europe
    6. Asia Pacific
    7. Central & Latin America
    8. Central & Eastern Europe
    9. Africa and Middle East
    10. Definitions
    11. Methodology
    12. Contacts

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