Author: Neil Mawston

Publication Date: Aug 19 2011

Pages: 10

Report Type: Metrics, Excel

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Global Tablet Vendor Market Share Q2 2011

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Report Summary:

Global tablet shipments jumped 317% annually in Q2 2011. The growth was driven by Apple's popular iPad and a long tail of Android partners in developed and developing markets. Samsung held on to second position but it is being chased by ambitious rivals such as Acer and, soon, Amazon. There are emerging signs of tablet inventory buildup and we believe some players overshipped during the quarter. This report contains quarterly global tablet shipments and forecasts by major vendor and by operating system from Q1 2010 through Q3 2011.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Analysis
    3. Q2 2011
    4. Tablet Vendors
    5. Tablet OS
    6. Definitions
    7. Methodology
    8. Contacts

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