Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: Sep 29 2011

Pages: 4

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Connected Computing Devices

Amazons Fire Reignites Entry-Level Tablet Market

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Report Summary:

The long awaited Amazon Tablet finally surfaced at a New York press conference yesterday. Well, we call the Kindle Fire a Tablet, but not everybody does: “We don’t think of Kindle Fire as a tablet - we think of it as a service,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said. That perhaps is the most important fact that we know about the entry-level price tier device; there are dozens of $199 Tablets coming out of China, but as Strategy Analytics has always attested, Tablets are all about the experience and the ecosystem. Amazon is certainly promising an ecosystem for the Fire Tablet. This report analyses the announcement and provides shipment forecasts for the Kindle Fire by region.

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