Author: Eric Smith

Publication Date: Mar 17 2015

Pages: 23

Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint

 Connected Computing Devices

Poland Tablet Survey 2014: Market Snapshot of Current owners

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Report Summary:

This report presents selected survey findings from a Q4 2014 Strategy Analytics survey relating to Tablet Owners and Tablet Intenders (those likely to purchase a Tablet within the next 12 months). In this series of reports, we describe the market overview for Tablet Owners and Intenders in 6 countries surveyed in 2014, namely the US, the UK, Japan, China, Brazil, and Poland. This particular report is about Poland. The analysis assesses country specific market characteristics such as brand shares, purchase motivation, cellular connectivity and data plan adoption, weekly usage levels, usage in the work environment, application types used, ownership, and timeframes for future purchase.

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