Author: Neil Mawston

Publication Date: Dec 23 2010

Pages: 11

Report Type: Metrics, Excel

 Connected Computing Devices

Global Tablet Sales Forecast by Country

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Report Summary:

Tablets have experienced explosive growth during 2010 by providing an innovative and compelling user experience, particularly for browsing and media consumption. Shortly, a wave of competitors will line up to tackle Apple's dominant market share. Usage will be widened from consumer into the enterprise and vertical markets, distribution will be widened into Service Providers and into many more countries, and Tablets will appear in many shapes and sizes. This report provides Strategy Analytics' market forecast for all Tablets up to the end of 2014, providing unit sales by 6 Regions and for 88 different countries.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Analysis
  • 3. Tablet Summary
  • 4. Definitions
  • 5. Methodology
  • 6. Contacts

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