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Total Tablet Vendor & OS, Unit & Value Market Share by Region: Q3 2018 Results

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Report Summary:

In a down market, several vendors have increased their tablet shipments in 2018 by lowering prices or riding high on new model releases. In Q3 2018, only two major vendors, Huawei and Microsoft, showed positive unit shipment growth. Aside from these standouts, Samsung and Apple also added market share this quarter by outperforming the market. The global tablet market declined 10% year-on-year in Q3 2018 and shipments in all three major ecosystems fell. Microsoft's success and leadership in Detachable 2-in-1s is not lifting its OEM partners up with them and success in the Android market is extremely difficult to manage. Is the market set for greater consolidation or are tablet vendors planning more compelling marketing or pricing to induce higher demand?
Vendor strategies must change to unlock greater market growth and reach customers whom are hiding in plain view but are unimpressed with their current choices. By determining how competitors are positioned in the market, how to improve tablet portfolio/pricing, and which channels can improve market performance, industry players can be empowered to successfully approach the market and find the right customers to ultimately grow revenues and profit.
This report contains quarterly global tablet shipments, values, and average selling prices (ASPs) by major vendor and by operating system from Q1 2010 through Q3 2018 with forecasts for Q4 2018 through Q3 2019. Regions covered include North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Middle East & Africa. This report updates and supersedes Total Tablet Vendor & OS, Unit & Value Market Share by Region: Q2 2018 published in August 2018.

Table of Contents

  1. Title
  2. Contents
  3. The Story - Tablet Market Falls 10% as a Handful of Vendors Claim Victory
  4. Analysis
  5. Data - Quarterly Vendor Global Tablet Shipments and Market Value
  6. Data - Vendor Tablet Shipments and Market Value by Region in Latest Quarter
  7. Data - Quarterly Vendor History of Tablet Shipments and Market Value by Region
  8. Data - Quarterly Vendor Tablet Average Selling Price (ASP) History
  9. Data - Vendor Tablet Shipments by Operating System in Latest Quarter
  10. Data - Quarterly Tablet Shipments by Operating System
  11. Data - Quarterly Tablet Shipment Summary by Region
  12. Definitions
  13. Methodology
  14. Country Coverage
  15. How Can We Help You?
  16. Contacts
  17. Pivot Table
  18. Flat File

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