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Tablet Customer Type, Channel Type & Form Factor Shipment and Installed Base Forecast by Region 2010 - 2020: Q1 16 Update

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Report Summary:

As the Tablet market matures, the nature of customers, sales channels, and form factors are adapting to the times. The early years in the global tablet market represented significant shipments to the consumer segment driven by media consumption, entertainment, gaming, and social networking. While we expect consumers to drive the bulk of Tablet demand, the non-consumer enterprise segment will show increased activity through the forecast period as businesses seek to efficiencies through mobility for their workforce. Tablet sales by channel are changing as more players with different go-to-market strategies enter the Tablet market and consumers fall into new shopping patterns. The move to online sales channels is perhaps the biggest change in the industry. Meanwhile, Tablet vendors push forward on 2-in-1 Tablets to reach PC replacement demand, releasing more premium models for prosumers and enterprise, and lowering cost on volume models for the consumer.

In this report we forecast shipments by Customer Type, by Channel, and by Form Factor (e.g., Slate, 2-in-1) across the period of 2010-2020 as the Tablet vendors attempt to transform the device into a productivity solution. This report covers 6 regions of North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Africa & Middle East. This report is published during Q1 2016, following actual Q4 2015 results. It updates and supersedes the Tablet Customer Type, Channel Type & Form Factor Shipment Forecast by Region 2010-2019 report published in November 2015.

Table of Contents

1.   Title
2.   Contents
3.   Analysis
4.   Data - Tablet Shipments by Customer Type by Region
5.   Data - Tablet Shipments by Channel Type by Region
6.   Data - Tablet Shipments by Form Factor by Region
7.   Data - Tablet Shipments by Form Factor by Region
8.   Definitions
9.   Methodology
10. Country Coverage
11. Contacts
12. Pivot Table
13. Flat File

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