Author: Richard Guppy

Publication Date: Mar 02 2016

Pages: 4

Report Type: Disruptive Alerts

 Strategic CI


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Report Summary:

GFP issues a Disruptive Alert when it uncovers a potentially significant disruptive product, company, or event that it feels could have substantial impact on the m-ICT space. GFP's Disruptive Alert applies its proprietary process to assess the potential impact in multiple dimensions, succinctly captured in this document.Global Forces Program serves Competitive and Strategic Intelligence through the up-to-date integration of Intelligence Analysis, Competitor Profiles and Disruption Alerts.SoftBank Bids For Sprint. In October 2012 SoftBank and Sprint (US third largest mobile Operator) announced an agreement for SoftBank to acquire a 70% interest in Sprint for $20bn, of which $8bn would be invested in the business and $12bn paid to shareholders. Sprint also announced its intention to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Clearwire (Mobile network and spectrum company).Sprint's shareholders are due to vote on the SoftBank bid for Sprint at a meeting on 12 June 2013. Acceptance would trigger the scenario envisaged in this Disruptive Alert. Rejection, opening the way for Dish to continue its counter-bid for Sprint, would cause SoftBank to seek an alternative opportunity for international expansion. In this case, the disruption evaluated here would transfer in significant measure to any next acquisition target by SoftBank as it seeks to become in the words of its CEO 'the world's largest mobile internet company'.

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