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Author: Steve Entwistle
Publication Date: Sep 22 2015
Report Type: Webinar Replay

Webinar Replay: SpecTRAX and PriceTRAX Website Enhancements: A User Guide

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Report Summary:

Join us in this webinar as we highlight the key improvements made to the SpecTRAX and PriceTRAX website recently. This presentation contains audio commentary.

The SpecTRAX and PriceTRAX website has undergone some significant development work during 2015 to make it much more powerful and flexible to use it.

Over 20 new improvements have been implemented so far this year giving clients the ability to find the data they are looking for more easily. 

SpecTRAX is an online database of smartphone, phablet, tablet and wearable device specifications. There are over 22,000 model variants on the database, and over 300 spec attributes covering network, display, camera, battery, memory, audio, video, connectivity, processor and physical dimensions. The database is updated weekly.

PriceTRAX is a cellular device intelligence database providing weekly retail and mobile operator pricing. Every week, it captures online retailers’ handset prices, plan types and contract lengths in a comprehensive and comparable format, so you can base pricing management decisions on timely & accurate information.

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