Author: Phill Maling

Publication Date: Mar 16 2012

Pages: 10

Report Type: Insight, Word

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Smartphones Announced at MWC 2012 Are Highly Specd

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Report Summary:

42 new smartphone models were announced at MWC this year; ZTE produced 13 of the models, followed by Samsung and LG each boasting 5 new smartphones. This insight tracks the announced smartphone’s specifications. 5 handsets were equipped with quad core processors; 4G LTE smartphones were announced. The average display size of new smartphones was over 4 inches; larger displays are power hungry so battery power was increased in response. Nokia’s revolutionary 41MP camera wowed the crowd, standing head and shoulders above any other handset or digital camera for that matter. As an OEM Huawei bucked the trend with increased processor speed running hand-in-hand with quad core penetrance, display size and pixel density. Their sub-branded Ascend range, combines speed with dual and quad core processors. The result is calculated clock speeds of up to 4.5GHz in the Ascend D Quad XL, which surpasses even some newly announced tablets.

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