Author: Stuart Robinson

Publication Date: Nov 15 2011

Pages: 9

Report Type: Insight, Word


September Blues; 95 of Handsets Announced in September Feature Bluetooth Connectivity

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Report Summary:

Over 95% of handsets announced in September 2011 supported Bluetooth connectivity, according to data from the latest SpecTRAX monthly analysis of new handsets. Handsets are becoming both thinner and heavier, as component miniaturisation continues, and handsets OEMs find increasingly smart ways of cramming more components into increasingly thinner cases. Screen size continues to increase, with eighteen models featuring screens larger than 4 inches and the HTC Sensation XL sporting an impressive 4.7 inch screen. Processor speeds are also increasing, with twenty-three models having 1 GHz or greater processors, and two models featuring 1.5GHz processors.

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