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Author: Stuart Robinson
Publication Date: Feb 07 2014
Pages: 11
Report Type: Presentation, PowerPoint


Smartphone Postpaid Contract Discounts by Manufacturer

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Report Summary:

This PriceTRAX report compares the average smartphone retail discount offered by carriers during Q4 2013. The discount is calculated as the percentage difference between the device price paid upfront on a monthly contract and the average unsubsidised retail price paid for the same device. To allow comparison all prices were exported from PriceTRAX in USD tax excluded.

Summary Points:

- Apple has the lowest retail subsidy of the Tier 1 handset vendors with a global average discount of 56% on postpaid contracts.
- US carrier branded handsets (T-Mobile & Verizon) are offered at >80% discount on postpaid contracts.
- Vodafone branded handsets (with a global footprint) have an average postpaid discount of 60% which is directly comparable to Sony, Nokia, Samsung & Blackberry.
- HTC, Huawei and Motorola have postpaid discounts of approx. 65%.

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