PriceTRAX Secondhand – Answers all these questions and more:

  • Have any of our competitors’ prices changed this week?

  • Are we losing margin through unnecessarily low price points?

  • What are the most popular market entry price points?

  • Is our handset portfolio competitively priced in all our target markets?


About PriceTRAX Secondhand

PriceTRAX Secondhand is a database providing retail and mobile operator pricing for second hand and refurbished mobile devices. The database is updated weekly with the latest prices from around the world. This database complements our PriceTRAX New Devices offering which provides prices for new mobile devices.

As the cellular device market has matured, a growing market in second hand mobile devices has developed. Catering to users who are less concerned about having the latest technological advances, this is an opportunity for both retailers and mobile operators to profit from reselling refurbished and ‘nearly new’ mobile devices.

To ensure this is profitable for resellers, it is vital to have up-to-date pricing information for trade-in values and resale values. This is the information available from PriceTRAX Secondhand.


We research online sellers and collate information from 10 countries and around 40 network operators (as of Spring 2017). The information is updated weekly to ensure it is always up-to-date. and is being constantly expanded to include further countries and network operators.

PriceTRAX Secondhand has easy to use, built in tools that allow comparison, competitive benchmarking and portfolio gap analysis. Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis if desired.

Our highly qualified, expert analysts can do this additional analysis for you on a project basis. An example of this analysis is multiple regression analysis to predict future prices. This is particularly useful for network operators and others offering guaranteed buy-back prices and upgrades to reduce their risk.

PriceTRAX Secondhand is a powerful market research tool to help you in your commercial decision making.

You can check out the product demonstration and sign up for a free trial of PriceTRAX Secondhand here, or contact us for more information and to subscribe to the service.

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