Q1 ’18: OPPO: Looking for a Rebound

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Report Summary:

OPPO experienced a weak quarter. It slipped to the 5th position in global smartphone market, and for the first time ever posted negative growth rate both in volume and in value. OPPO is suffering with a saturated home market, consumer fatigue, and much intensified competition in offline channels. We however do not consider OPPO is in bad shape. Instead, we have noticed some positive changes from OPPO this quarter. We believe OPPO is on the right track to rebound, although it may take a few cycles before its efforts bear fruits. A renewed focus on technology, increased presence with multiple models in India and growing online channels are all positives for OPPO. Successful entry beyond Japan into other high ASP markets will be critical.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Analysis
3. Quarterly Financial Charts
4. New Model Analysis
5. Conclusion & Outlook
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7. Analyst Contact

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