Author: Ken Hyers

Publication Date: Nov 14 2011

Pages: 21

Report Type: Metrics, Excel


Global Smartphone Vendor Market Share by Region Q3 2011

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Report Summary:

In Q3 2011, global smartphone shipments grew 45% annually to reach 120 million units. Samsung has surpassed both Nokia and Apple in the quarter to become the number one smartphone vendor in the world for the first time. Samsung is also the top vendor in 3 regions now, while Nokia still has command in some Emerging Markets. HTC has become the number one vendor in North America for the first time taking advantage of the delay of the Apple iPhone 4S. Chinese vendors are also making inroads as Huawei becomes the fifth largest vendor in Africa Middle East for the first time. This report details smartphone marketshare for the world's top 15 vendors in North America, Central & Latin America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa Middle East from 2007 to Q3 2011.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Analysis of Key Trends
    4. Pivot Table
    5. Summary of the Latest Quarter by Vendor
    6. Global Smartphone Shipments by Region
    7. North America Smartphone Market Share
    8. Western Europe Smartphone Market Share
    9. Asia Pacific Smartphone Market Share
    10. Central & Latin America Smartphone Market Share
    11. Central & Eastern Europe Smartphone Market Share
    12. Africa Middle East Smartphone Market Share
    13. Region Definitions
    14. Definitions of Smartphones
    15. Methodology
    16. Analyst Contacts

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