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Author: Ken Hyers

Publication Date: May 09 2014

Pages: 475

Report Type: Data Table, Excel


Global Smartphone Vendor Market Share by Region Q1 2014

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Report Summary:

Global smartphone shipments grew by +33% annually in Q1 2014, only marginally down on the previous quarter’s growth, so while global smartphone growth is decreasing, it’s doing so slowly. This report contains global smartphone shipments by the top 20 vendors by quarter from 2007 to Q4 2013. Global smartphone shipments by vendor by operating system by quarter are also included in a pivot-table. The report is valuable for mobile stakeholders who want to size the huge market for smartphones and operating system marketshare by vendor.

Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Contents
    4. Pivot Table
    5. Q4 2013
    6. Global
    7. N America
    8. W Europe
    9. APAC
    10. CALA
    11. CE Europe
    12. Africa MEbr/>13. Regions
    14. Definitions
    15. Methodology
    16. Contacts

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