Author: Linda Sui

Publication Date: Jul 03 2015

Pages: 6

Report Type: Data Table, Excel


Global Smartphone Sales Forecast by 17 Technologies (Air Interface): 2007 to 2020

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Report Summary:

The global smartphone market will maintain steady growth till 2020. We predict 3G will be replaced by 4G as the world's most widely-used smartphone air-interface this year. Meanwhile, EDGE (2G) smartphones will steadily sunset as chipset makers and device OEMs shift to the HSPA / LTE tracks. Our report forecasts global smartphone sales by 17 technologies from 2007 through 2020. The report is a valuable tool for component vendors, device manufacturers, operators and other stakeholders who want to map the future penetration of 2G, 2G and 4G protocols in the high-growth smartphone category.

Table of Contents

1. Title Page
2. Contents
3. Analysis of Key Trends
4. Global Smartphone Sales by Technologies (Air Interface)
5. Methodology
6. Analyst Contacts

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