Author: Linda Sui

Publication Date: Feb 16 2018

Pages: 25

Report Type: Metrics, Excel


VALUE SHARE: Global Smartphone Revenue, ASP and Profit by OS by Price Tier : Q4 2017

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Report Summary:

Global smartphone industry revenues grew +11% annually during Q4 2017. Apple iOS surpassed Android being the largest OS by revenue, for the first time ever. Tizen posted another disappointing quarter. Samsung led the pack among all Android OEMs by volume, value and profit.  Our extensive report provides quarterly global smartphone shipments, wholesale (transfer) pricing, revenue metrics, as well as operating profit and margin for 8 major operating systems from Q1 2013 to Q4 2017. Global smartphone OS marketshare by price-tier, and global revenue-share tracking by PRICE-TIER, for all 8 operating systems, as well as Android OS volume and value share by OEM are also included. This report is a vital tool for monitoring the financial health and tiered marketshare of leading OSs such as Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Firefox, Tizen, Sailfish, Ubuntu and others. It can be used to monitor OEM volume and value share within Android camp.  

Table of Contents

1 Title
2 Contents
3 Analysis
4 Chart
5 Smartphone OS Value Metrics
6 Smartphone Value Share
7 Android Value Share by OEM
8 2017 OS by Price-tier
9 Q4 2017 OS by Price-tier
10 Q3 2017 OS by Price-tier
11 Q2 2017 OS by Price-tier
12 Q1 2017 OS by Price-tier
13 2016 OS by Price-tier
14 Q4 2016 OS by Price-tier
15 Q3 2016 OS by Price-tier
16 Q2 2016 OS by Price-tier
17 Q1 2016 OS by Price-tier
18 2015 OS by Price-tier
19 Q4 2015 OS by Price-tier
20 Q3 2015 OS by Price-tier
21 Q2 2015 OS by Price-tier
22 Q1 2015 OS by Price-tier
23 Definitions
24 Methodology
25 Contacts

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