Author: Linda Sui

Publication Date: May 09 2017

Pages: 9

Report Type: Metrics, Excel


US Unlocked Smartphone Vendor Market Share : Q1 2017

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Report Summary:

The "unlocked" smartphone market has been growing rapidly across the United States in recent years. However it posted -41% YoY decline during Q1 2017 mainly due to overstocked inventories during holiday quarter, as well as sluggish performance of some OEMs. BLU regained the top position this quarter. Apple, Motorola, TCL-Alcatel and Google are also among the major players in this category. Our extensive report contains quarterly unlocked smartphone shipments and marketshare for the top 15 vendors in the United States from 2013 through Q1 2017. The report also contains US unlocked smartphone forecasts, as well as unlocked iPhone forecasts from 2012 through 2022. This report is a valuable tool for mobile stakeholders who want to size the fast-growing, high-value unlocked smartphone market in US.

Table of Contents

1 Title Page
2 Table of Contents
3 Definitions of Unlocked Smartphones
4 Analysis of Key Trends
5 US Unlocked Smartphone Vendor Share
6 US Unlocked Smartphone Forecast
7 US Unlocked iPhone Forecast
8 Methodology
9 Analyst Contacts

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