Global Smartphone Revenues and ASP Forecasts by 88 Countries : 2012 to 2023

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Report Summary:

Global smartphones wholesale revenue will grow +12% YoY in 2018 and +6% YoY in 2019. Japan and South Korea will deliver the highest wholesale average selling prices (ASP) for smartphones during our forecast window, while parts of Africa and Asia Pacific will generate the lowest ASPs. This extensive report forecasts wholesale ASPs and revenues for 88 countries worldwide from 2012 to 2023. The data model is a valuable tool for device vendors, operators, component manufacturers, software developers, financial analysts, car makers and other stakeholders who want to size the mobile phone market by revenue and price for dozens of countries and regions.

Table of Contents

Tab 1 Title Page
Tab 2 Contents
Tab 3 Analysis of Key Trends
Tab 4 Definitions
Tab 5 Summary Charts of Forecast Data
Tab 6 Global Smartphone Wholesale ASPs & Revenues for 88 Countries
Tab 7 Global Smartphone Wholesale ASPs Ranked by 88 Countries
Tab 8 Global Smartphone Wholesale Revenue Ranked by 88 Countries
Tab 9 Regions Definitions
Tab 10 Methodology
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