Global Smartphone Monthly Shipments (Sell In), Sales (Sell Through) and Inventory by Vendor : October 2018

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics tracked global smartphone shipments (sell in) declined -7% MoM and -12% YoY in October 2018 mainly due to saturated smartphone and extended replacement cycle. Moreover, sales (sell through) to end users posted a -15% annual decline too, indicating weaker consumer demand in key markets such as China and US. Inventory increased from last month because of newly launched models by Apple and other major Android OEMs before holiday season.  Samsung top both shipment and sales chart this month, followed by Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo by shipment volume. This report tracks global smartphone monthly shipments (sell in), sales (sell through) and inventory volumes / ratio by 28 of the world's largest vendors from January 2016 to October 2018. The report is a valuable tool for OEMs, component makers, software developers, operators and other stakeholders to track key OEMs inventory level and support their planning activities.

Table of Contents

1. Title
2. Table of Content
3. Analysis
4. Global Smartphone Vendor Monthly Shipments (Sell in)
5. Global Smartphone Vendor Monthly Sales (Sell Through)
6. Global Smartphone Inventory Tracker and Ratio by Vendor
7. Definitions
8. Methodology
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