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Smartphone Shipments & Marketshare by Model in 59 Countries: Q2 2017 (Rest of the 88 Countries)

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Report Summary:

The Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) service tracks shipments (unit volumes) and marketshare by model across 6 principal regions and 88 countries. Our report series covers the top-50..200 best-selling smartphone models in the core set of 29 countries. This extensive report shows the top-120 most popular models globally across the remaining 59 countries in the second quarter of 2017. A pivot table and flat file are included for customized data needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Title and Summary
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Analysis of Key Trends
  4. 59 Other Countries Summary: Q2 2017
  5. 59 Other Countries Pivot Table
  6. 59 Other Countries Unit Volume Flat File
  7. 68 Other Countries Summary: Q1 2017 (Historical Data)
  8. 68 Other Countries Summary: Q4 2016 (Historical Data)
  9. 68 Other Countries Summary: Q3 2016 (Historical Data)
  10. 72 Other Countries Summary: Q2 2016 (Historical Data)
  11. Methodology
  12. How Can We Help You?
  13. Analyst Contacts


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