Author: David Kerr

Publication Date: Mar 27 2018

Pages: 4

Report Type: Insight, Word

 Mobile for Automotive

Will US Consumers Accept Chinese Smartphone Brands as Xiaomi joins list of hopefuls?

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Report Summary:

Xiaomi has recently confirmed its intention to continue international expansion with the US being targeted in 2018/2019 subject of course to US lawmakers’ appetite for allowing Chinese smartphone brands to compete without discrimination.

Our probe of US Android smartphone owners in our AppOptix panel clearly shows interest in considering Huawei, ZTE, and Xiaomi and other new entrants vendors for their next smartphone. Awareness of Huawei and ZTE is above 50% of our Android smartphone owner panel. Xiaomi awareness trails but still at a respectable 26% across the 1000 users polled.

Table of Contents

Will American consumers accept Chinese brands?

US Android Smartphone Brand Awareness & Consideration

Operator Slotting is just the beginning not the end game

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