Author: David Kerr

Publication Date: Mar 12 2018

Pages: 11

Report Type: Data Table, Excel

 Mobile for Automotive

Global Handset Sales Forecast for Automotive 2007-2023

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Report Summary:

Strategy Analytics predicts legitimate mobile handset sales to reach 2 billion units worldwide in 2020. China, India and United States will make up half of all volumes . Our report forecasts global handset sales by 13 major automotive countries from 2007 to 2022. It is a valuable tool for carmakers and associated stakeholders who want to size the huge worldwide mobile phone market.


Table of Contents

1. Title
2. Contents
3. Analysis
4. Chart
5. Global by Region
6. Handset Countries
7. Definitions
8. Methodology
9. How Can We Help You
10. Contacts

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