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5G Progress Review, January 2016 to Today - Fragmentation Likely but Diversification Inevitable

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Report Summary:

5G developments have accelerated dramatically in 2006. Early initiatives by SK Telecom and KT have been followed by China Mobile, Singtel and Telstra in Asia Pacific region. Despite early reservations about 5G in US AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have established roadmaps. In Europe - where 4G/LTE is still being rolled out - the primary interest in 5G has been on IoT, vertical and underserved markets from TIM, Vodafone, KPN, Telefonica MTS and Megafon.

As a result these different deployment schedules in different markets have created concerns over market fragmentation.

Diverse Use Cases across broadband and IOT and expected competition from non-traditional players are the main reasons behind this fragmentation.

While a unified early 5G standard is important, the ability to meet diverse market requirements in the long term is even more crucial for 5G success in future markets and services.

Strategy Analytics recommends the industry consider a standardization paradigm that gives operators higher flexibility within an overall 5G framework.

Table of Contents


2.1       New Operators committing to 5G   4

2.1.1          Asia Pacific  4

2.1.2          US  4

2.1.3          Europe  5

2.2       Operators Collaboration and Standardization  6

2.3       Infrastructure Vendors Active on 5G   7

2.4       Regulators and Authorities Pushing 5G   9

3.1       Diverse Use Cases in East Asia, US and Europe  10

3.1.1          South Korea and Japan  10

3.1.2          US  12

3.1.3          Europe  12

3.1.4          China  12

3.2       Market Fragmentation  13



Exhibit 1: China’s 5G Development Plan. 4

Exhibit 2: 3GPP 5G Work Plan. 7

Exhibit 3: Infrastructure Vendors 5G Activities, January – July 2016. 8

Exhibit 4: Categories of 5G Use Cases. 10

Exhibit 5: KT’s 5G Coverage Plan for PyeongChang Olympics. 10

Exhibit 6: mmWave as Capacity Cell 11

Exhibit 7: Coverage Extension based on Massive MIMO.. 11

Exhibit 8: Brief Comparison between LTE, Verizon 5G and Industry Common View on 5G.. 12

Exhibit 9: Verizon 5G Technical Forum Partners. 13

Exhibit 10: 5G Non-Standalone Deployment Scenario. 14

Exhibit 11: Cellular Technology Evolution. 15

Exhibit 12: Starry Wireless Internet Architecture. 16

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