• Where will enabling technologies like GPS, Bluetooth, and DLNA be most popular?
  • How quickly will natural voice recognition, like Apple’s Siri, spread across other mobile platforms?
  • When will the majority of consumers be able to use DLNA and hotspot tethering on mobile devices to wirelessly share media in the car?
  • What will be the installed base of Microsoft Windows Phone smartphones by 2018?
  • What are the drivers and barriers for consumer adoption of 4G and smartphone data plans?
  • Which apps do developers plan for the car? smartphones and tablets?
  • How fast will 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced handset sales grow by country  ?
  • How Quickly will 3G wind down?

About Mobile for Automotive

Mobile for Automotive is a fast-track gateway to accessing Strategy Analytics wireless research and expert industry analysts. The service provides clients in the automotive value chain with timely insights and data covering wireless D.N.A. – devices, networks, and applications. The service draws automotive-relevant research from our premiere Mobile services, including: 

  • Handset, smartphone, and tablet sales and installed base forecasts, with additional details for platforms, protocols, and countries
  • Handset, smartphone, and tablet Enabling technology forecasts, covering critical enablers like Bluetooth, Voice Recognition
  • Forecasts of location-based services like navigation, mapping, and search
  • Forecasts of cellular users by technology in key countries
  • Snapshots of app preferences for key categories in leading app stores


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