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Author: Alvin Wu

Publication Date: Sep 20 2013

Pages: 33

Report Type: Buyer Analysis

 Mobile Device UX

Profile Chinese Smartphone Owners 2013

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Report Summary:

In Spring 2013, Strategy Analytics conducted a series of focus groups and in-depth observations with Chinese smartphone owners and intending purchasers investigating their device usage, purchase behaviors, form factor preference, and openness to innovative experiences. Instant messaging apps and the music player are the most used features for existing smartphone owners in China, while the voice call and messaging features are most used by smartphone intenders. When it comes to purchasing their next smartphone, Chinese consumers place the greatest importance on the durability, ease of use, and battery life of the device. A physical retail store is still the most preferred location to purchase a smartphone. While there is general dissatisfaction with current mobile data speeds, few are willing to pay more for 4G/LTE.

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